Welcome to the College's New Public Website

We've completely rebuilt our website. It's been designed with the needs of the public and our physician members in mind. The menu items on the left and at the top are available to all website visitors. A physician member portal is still under development.

A significant new feature is Physician Search. In keeping with the principles of openness and transparency, the governing Council of the College has deemed certain information about physicians to be in the public domain. Physician Search is available to the public to look up information regarding a physician's office address, office telephone numbers, medical education, qualifications, specialty, license history and discipline history.

We currently do not have information about family physicians who are accepting new patients. Please see our alternate suggestion found in Frequently Asked Questions under the For the Public menu item at the top of this page.

Click on the For the Public top menu item at anytime to see what information is available on this website.

We welcome your feedback. Please email any comments or suggestions that you may have to CPSS Info

News & Annoucements
 Cardiology & ECG Update Conference (4/8/2014) 

The University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine is holding the Cardiology & ECG Update Conference on May 2-3, 2014 in Regina at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

Find registration and conference information in this brochure or visit the Continuing Professional Learning website for more information or to register online. 

 Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada (4/8/2014) 


FMRAC 2014 AGM & Conference

7 - 9 June 2014
Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon, SK

This year’s theme:  Regulatory Leadership in an eHealth Era

Online REGISTRATION and other pertinent information may be found on FMRAC’s website at Meetings and Events

We look forward to seeing you in Saskatoon in June!

Upcoming Events

 DocTalk Winter Spring 2014 (3/21/2014) 

The Winter/Spring issue of DocTalk gives an overview of some of the activities that the College has undertaken over the last year, progress to date on ongoing work and a description of some of the work that we hope to achieve in 2014.  Bryan Salte summarizes the requirements imposed in the College bylaw which establishes standards for physicians who authorize the use of marihuana by their patients.  The Public Health Agency of Canada are reporting severe illness resulting in hospitalization, and some deaths due to H1N1.  You will also find upcoming events for Continuing Professional Learning.