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We've completely redesigned our website with the needs of the public and our physician members in mind. The menu items on the left and at the top are available to all website visitors. A physician member portal is still under development.

A significant new feature is Physician Search. In keeping with the principles of openness and transparency, the governing Council of the College has deemed certain information about physicians to be in the public domain. Physician Search is available to the public to look up information regarding a physician's office address, office telephone numbers, medical education, qualifications, specialty, license history and discipline history. 
*** Some information is temporarily unavailable through our Physician Search function.  Please call our office if you require additional information.*** 

We currently do not have information about family physicians who are accepting new patients. Please see our alternate suggestion found in Frequently Asked Questions under the For the Public menu item at the top of this page.

Click on the For the Public top menu item at anytime to see what information is available on this website.

We welcome your feedback. Please email any comments or suggestions that you may have to CPSS Info

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 Upcoming Conferences & Calls for Abstracts (10/14/2014) 
Extreme Heat Events (Accredited) (Health Canada)

Adolescent Sexual Health Conference (Saskatchewan Prevention Institute) - 
       February 11, 2016, Regina, SK  (Registration Form)

Building Bridges for Patient Success
(CPSS Saskatchewan Methadone and Suboxone Opioid Substitution Therapy Conference)

       April 22-23, 2016, Saskatoon, SK - REGISTER NOW! SEATING IS LIMITED!

Radon: Is it in your patients' homes?  A course for health professionals (McMasters University, 1 Mainpro Accredited)
      (Online course)

HIPA - Diagnosis Privacy (University of Saskatchewan, 25 Mainpro Accredited)
       (Online Course)  Register here

 Syrian Refugees: Message from the Ministry of Health (12/30/2015) 
Information for physicians released by the Ministry of Health

 NEW - Application for Medical Registration (4/22/2015) 

 Saskatchewan HIV Testing Policy revision (3/19/2015) 

 Ebola - Public Health Information (3/19/2015) 

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 DocTalk Fall/Winter 2015 (12/17/2015) 
The Fall/Winter 2015 issue of DocTalk features articles on the New Physician-Assisted Dying Policy, an AGM Survey, the Kendel Distinguished Service Award Winners, Medical Aid for Syrian Refugees, a toolkit for physicians prescribing opiates, stimulants, and marihuana, Physician Language Services, Council Election Results, and more!

We are always looking for fresh ideas for content in our next issue.  Click here to send us your suggestions! (Deadline to submit material for the Spring publication is February 28, 2016!)

Congratulations to Dr.Ryan Meili and Dr. Mark Wahba, recipients of the prestigious Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service Award for 2015! Details

We are already accepting nominations for 2016!  
For a nomination package or for more information,
contact Sue Robinson.