GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-11  Cost of Governance

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010

Because poor governance costs more than learning to govern well, the Council will invest in its governance capacity.

 1.   The Council recognizes that continual updating of skills and awareness of new issues are vital to a member's contribution to the Council.  Therefore, it is expected that:

1.1. New Councilors shall receive a complete orientation to ensure familiarity with the health care system and issues, the College’s structure and issues, and the Council’s process of governance.

1.2. Potential candidates for election or appointment to Council shall be provided with information that clearly outlines the role and expectations of members of Council.

1.3. Councilors collectively shall have ongoing opportunity for continued training and education to enhance their governance capabilities to a maximum of $25,000.00 per year.

 2.   Outside monitoring assistance may be arranged so that the Council can exercise sufficient control over organizational performance.  This includes, but is not limited to fiscal audit.

 3.   The Council will establish governance process policies and a governance action plan which will serve as measurable standards against which the Council’s performance can be evaluated.

3.1. Under the leadership of the chairperson, at least on an annual basis the Council will conduct a self-evaluation.  As a result of this evaluation, the Council will include in its governance action plan specific goals and objectives for improvement of identified areas.

3.2. The Council will monitor its adherence to its own Governance Process policies on a regular basis.  Upon the choice of the Council, any policy can be monitored at any time.  However, at minimum, the Council will both review the policies, and monitor its own adherence to them, according to the following schedule:


               Policy                                                                                         Review & Monitor



GP-1       Global Governance Process Policy                                             Annually

GP-2       Governing Style                                                                         Each meeting

GP-3       Council Job Description                                                             Annually

GP-4       Council Linkage with Ownership                                               Annually

GP-5       Chairperson’s Role                                                                     Annually

GP-6       Council Committee Principles                                                    Annually

GP-7       Council Committee Structure                                                     Annually

GP-8       Council and Committee Expenses                                              Annually

GP-9       Code of Conduct                                                                        Annually

GP-10     Conflict of Interest                                                                     Annually

GP-11     Cost of Governance                                                                   Annually

GP-12     Council Linkage with Other Organizations                                Annually

GP-13     Council Planning Cycle and Agenda Control                             Annually

GP-14     Values Re:  Complaint Resolution                                              Annually

GP-15     Public Access to Council Meetings                                            Annually

GP-16     Appeals to the Council as a Result of the                                  Annually

               Quality of Care Review Process

GP-17     Development of Policies Governing the                                    Semi-annually

               Practice of Medicine