CPSS Tools
These tools have been created by the CPSS to provide physicians and surgeons with the information they require to achieve the highest standard of care.

Standards for Continuing Medical Education: Revalidation and Maintenance of Membership(14/12)
Establishing Practice: A guide for physicians and surgeons (16/10)
Leaving Practice: A guide for physicians and surgeons (16/10)
Prescribing Medical Cannabis (17/06)
Saskatchewan Opioid Substitution Therapy Guidelines and Standards 2016  & related information on prescribing
Medical Assistance in Dying - Letter to Physicians (16/06/02)
Mifegymiso - Information for the Prescribing Physician (17/09, updated 17/11)

Other useful tools

LINK - Leveraging Immediate Non-Urgent Knowledge (provincial non-urgent telephone consultation service)
      - LINK Q&A Brochure
HIPA - Diagnosis Privacy:  Online Course (20 MainPro M1 credits) (15/02)
Saskatchewan HIV Testing Policy Revision (15/03)
CMPA Handbooks 
Choosing Wisely Canada and Prevention Through Primary Care 

Personal Health Resources

SMA Physician Health Program
Canada Suicide Prevention Service
Eat Well Saskatchewan (dietitian call center pilot project for SK First Nations communities)
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