Meeting Agendas & Summaries

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Agenda, Open Session1/16/201563101
Agenda, Open Session11/21/201463117
Agenda, Open Session3/26/201563996
Agenda, Open Session6/19/201570085
Agenda, Open Session9/18/201570087
Agenda, Open Session11/20/201575532
Agenda, Open Session1/22/201684146
Agenda, Open Session3/18/201688626
Agenda, Open Session3/22/201330736
Agenda, Open Session6/21/201343147
Agenda, Open Session1/17/201445489
Agenda, Open Session9/6/201345539
Agenda, Open Session11/15/201345541
Agenda, Open Session3/21/201446668
Agenda, Open Session9/19/201451095
Agenda, Open Session6/20/201451360
Agenda, Open Session6/24/201692001
Agenda, Open Session9/16/201692005
Agenda, Open Session11/18/2016103274
Agenda, Open Session1/20/2017103379
Agenda, Open Session3/24/2017107373
Agenda, Open Session6/16/2017110836
Agenda, Open Session9/29/2017113957
Agenda, Open Session11/24/2017113959
Agenda, Open Session1/19/2018124191
Agenda, Open Session3/16/2018127877
Agenda, Open Session6/15/2018127879
Agenda, Open Session9/14/2018127881
Agenda, Open Session11/30/2018127883
Agenda, Open Session1/18/2019147549
Agenda, Open Session3/29/2019148564
Agenda, Open Session6/21/2019153231
Agenda, Open Session9/13/2019153935
Agenda, Open Session11/29/2019153937
Agenda, Open Session1/24/2020168929
Agenda, Open Session3/20/2020168931
Agenda, Open Session6/19/2020168933
Agenda, Open Session9/25/2020168935
Agenda, Open Session11/20/2020168937
Agenda, Open Session1/22/2021768283

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Executive Summary1/16/201563103
Executive Summary11/21/201463113
Executive Summary3/26/201566041
Executive Summary6/19/201570086
Executive Summary9/18/201570088
Executive Summary11/20/201575533
Executive Summary1/22/201684147
Executive Summary3/18/201688627
Executive Summary3/22/201330988
Executive Summary6/21/201333704
Executive Summary1/17/201445488
Executive Summary9/6/201345540
Executive Summary11/15/201345542
Executive Summary3/21/201446666
Executive Summary6/20/201449992
Executive Summary9/19/201451096
Executive Summary6/24/201692004
Executive Summary9/16/201692006
Executive Summary11/18/2016103275
Executive Summary1/20/2017103380
Executive Summary3/24/2017107375
Executive Summary6/16/2017110837
Executive Summary9/29/2017113958
Executive Summary11/24/2017113960
Executive Summary1/19/2018124192
Executive Summary3/16/2018127878
Executive Summary6/15/2018127880
Executive Summary9/14/2018127882
Executive Summary11/30/2018127884
Executive Summary1/18/2019147550
Executive Summary3/29/2019148565
Executive Summary6/21/2019153232
Executive Summary9/13/2019153936
Executive Summary11/29/2019153938
Executive Summary1/24/2020168930
Executive Summary3/20/2020168932
Executive Summary6/19/2020168934
Executive Summary9/25/2020168936
Executive Summary11/20/2020168938
Executive Summary1/22/2021768284

Upcoming Council Meetings

Council Meeting - June 20216/18/2021CPSS - SMA BoardroomSaskatoonSKSue Waddington 306 244 7355 or