February 2021

By Dr. Saquib Shahab, Chief Medical Health Officer, Province of Saskatchewan

How to Support Your Patients: COVID-19 Update from Saskatchewan's Chief Medical Officer

As we approach the one year mark for COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, more people are expressing COVID-19 exhaustion. Whether this is following Public Health Orders, remembering to wear a mask or frustrations about life not going back to normal, it can be hard to remain vigilant. This is why it continues to be important for physicians to champion vaccination.

There is a lot of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines are safe, effective and have been fully tested and approved by Health Canada.

Saskatchewan is following all recommended dosing intervals, which have recently been extended to 42 days when necessary.

Here are some additional ways you can provide reassurance to your patients:

  • Encourage patients to review information only from trusted sources, like the COVID-19 Vaccine Information page. This page includes fact sheets on vaccine safety and science that would be an easy read for your vaccine hesitant patients.
  • Review the Vaccine Delivery Phases plan to see when a patient would be eligible to receive a vaccine.
  • Remind eligible patients of Vaccine Clinic Announcements for when clinic appointments are available.

The Government of Saskatchewan’s goal is to vaccinate all residents quickly when supply is available, following priority planning. It will be important to remind your patients that caution must be maintained post-vaccination until there is wide-spread vaccination. We are all so anxious to get back to normal but we all must hang on a while yet. This will take some time and continued vigilance but is vital to reaching our goal to keep our loved ones and communities safe. 

Photo below:  Dr. Saqib Shahab