Elders and Traditional Medicine

Accessing services to accommodate for cultural needs

For basic information on accommodations for Indigenous patients, contact the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program.
Assistance with Elders, cultural needs, and information on traditional ceremonies are available by contacting your local First Nation Health Center or the Métis Nation-SK Health Director.   

The Saskatchewan Health Authority also offers a range of services, including First Nations and Métis Health Services, Grey Wolf Lodge, and a Maternal Care Centre with Indigenous Birth Support

How to approach your doctor about using traditional medicine and ceremonies

Talk to your doctor at a "Meet & Greet" or during a regular visit
The Saskatchewan Health Authority has signed a Letter of Commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that supports the patient telling their doctor they would like to use traditional medicines as part of their health care plan. The patient is not required to talk about the ceremonies unless there are new traditional medicines resulting from the ceremony.

If you are using or thinking of using traditional medicines as part of your health plan, explain to your doctor what traditional medicines are being used. The doctor may wish to speak with the Ceremonial Keeper to learn more about the traditional medicines, and may ask you to sign a consent form for this purpose.