Policy:  College Newsletter (Editorial Policy)

The College ‘Newsletter’ is a communication instrument for the dissemination of information to members of the College, other health agencies and sister Colleges across Canada.

A Committee appointed by the Registrar will act in an advisory capacity in designing and editing the newsletter for maximum readability by its target audience. Members of the Advisory Committee will include:

  - one member of Council who is a practicing physician*, 
  - one member of the public (may be a public member of Council),
  - the staff Communications Officer,
  - 1-2 senior staff, and
  - 1 support staff.
  - Registrar (ad hoc)

This committee is a CPSS administrative advisory committee.  As with other CPSS committees, the appointed Council members will follow Governance Policy 8 (GP-8).

The College Communications Officer has frontline responsibility for collecting and collating information for potential inclusion in the ‘Newsletter’ and for organizing its publication and distribution.

The Advisory Committee shall assist and advise the Communications Officer in selecting material for inclusion in the ‘Newsletter’.

The ‘Newsletter’ may contain articles which articulate viewpoints which are not necessarily those of the College of Physicians and Surgeons as a corporate entity.  Such articles should generally focus upon issues that are relevant to the practice of medicine and serve to stimulate thought and discussion among the membership and the broader public.  Such articles should be clearly identified as the viewpoint of the writer.

Because the leadership responsibilities of the President and the Registrar include the task of challenging the membership of the College and others to consider innovative concepts, both the President and the Registrar shall enjoy the privilege of publishing articles in the ‘Newsletter’ which will be identified as their respective viewpoints.

Articles may be accepted from other individuals and sources.  Such submissions may be subject to editing for length and content.  The publication of viewpoint articles authored by individuals other than the President or the Registrar shall be subject to consideration by the Advisory Committee. 

Upon receipt of external editorial material for publication in the College ‘Newsletter’, the Communications Officer shall forward copies of such submissions to the members of the Advisory Committee and invite their feedback.  Recommendations to publish or not publish any particular article will be made by majority vote of the Advisory Committee.  Resulting recommendations, including tie votes, are to be submitted to the Registrar for final decision.

*Appointments of Council members are for three year terms and must be made while individuals are still on Council.  If individuals are not re-elected or re-appointed as a CPSS Council member during their committee appointment, they may still complete their term. 

Policy Adopted by Council December, 1992
Amended: March 26, 2015
Amended: November 2017
Amended: March 2018
To be Reviewed: March 2023