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 2018 CPSS Annual Report Now Available (10/17/2019) 

 MoH Update on Lyme disease (10/10/2019) 

 Chronic Pain Survey (10/10/2019) 

YOUR INPUT REQUESTED!  2018 Survey of Canadian Family Physicians about treatment of patients with chronic pain

To Family Physicians:
You have been identified as a family physician who may treat patients with chronic non cancer pain (CNCP).  This important survey will assist in understanding what additional supports are needed to manage this national health problem.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at the link below to ensure your information is captured.   

 Physician and NP Participants Needed for Research in MAiD (10/10/2019) 
Physicians and nurse practitioners wanted to take part in a U of S study to better understand the decision making factors considered by practitioners who do not participate in Medical Assistance in Dying.  You would participate in an interview and complete a short questionnaire. Interviews can be in person, or via phone or via WebEx. 
Information Letter

 Provincial MAiD Program: clinicians needed (10/17/2019) 


 DocTalk 2019 - Issue 1 (10/17/2019) 
DocTalk 2019 - Issue 1 features articles on: PHYSICIAN BILLING EXPECTATIONS; Licence & Corporation Permit Renewals going electronic; NEW POLICY-Sale of Products by Physicians; Lessons Learned from the Privacy Commissioner's Report; Physician Burnout/Moral Injury; Stem Cell Therapies - HC Requirements

... and much more!


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