Program Overview

Medical services in Saskatchewan are provided in both public and private facilities. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, through its Regulatory Bylaws outlines the conditions which must exist, in order to operate a Non Hospital Treatment Facility. The goal of this program is to maintain a standardised environment in order to achieve quality and safe patient care. 

In order for a Non Hospital Treatment Facility to operate it must obtain approval from the College. In general, a facility will require approval if any of the following conditions exist:

     the use of drugs intended for general anesthesia or sedation

    the use of drugs by injection for major nerve blocks, including spinal, epidural and intravenous regional blocks

    surgical and diagnostic procedures with risk of major bleeding, gas embolism, life threatening complications, or require sterile conditions for a multitude of reasons

    hyperbaric oxygen therapy

    cardiac exercise stress testing


    any Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedure

College Regulatory Bylaw 26.1 contains a list of accepted procedures which have been approved for Non Hospital Treatment Facilities. Each approved facility is listed in the Facilities tab and each lists the procedures for which the facility is approved to perform. 

To obtain approval each facility must meet the Standards and Guidelines as set out for Non Hospital Surgical Facilities by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, which the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan has adopted, with a few variations. Facilities wishing to be approved must apply to the College and subsequently undergo an inspection by an independent team of healthcare professionals based on these adopted Standards and Guidelines. Once all the conditions regarding the inspection are met, approval is granted by the College. Facilities are inspected on a standardised 3 year cycle. In non-inspection years approval is made based on the Medical Director providing attestation to the College by way of an Annual Renewal Form that the facility continues to follow the Standards and Guidelines as set out.

The Standards and Guidelines can be accessed herewith: Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons for Non-Hospital Surgical Facilities in that Province.

Each facility must appoint a Medical Director who directly oversees the functioning of the facility. This important role is outlined in Bylaw 26.1. All physicians performing procedures within a Non Hospital Treatment Facility require approval from the College and applications should be made in the first instance to the Medical Director of the facility. The physician will be required to hold similar privileges within the regional health authority.

In order for a facility to perform publicly funded procedures they will require a Health Facilities Licence which is granted through Government of Saskatchewan. The Health Facilities Licensing Act, and the regulations, can be obtained from the Queen’s Printer website. 

The Non Hospital Treamtent Facilities Program is managed by Dr. Jeff Blushke with support being provided by Ms. Sue Waddington, EA to the Registrar and Council. Information or questions pertaining to the program can be directed to either Dr. Blushke ( or Ms. Waddington ( Any enquiry, at any stage, is welcome. 

Our goal is to provide information and guidance for Non Hospital Treatment Facilities in order to achieve the goal of approval in a standardised and safe environment for both patients and staff members.




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