Latest Regulatory Bylaw Updates

Regulatory bylaw 37.1 – Disclosure of Information in Certificates of Professional Conduct

Posted on 3/19/2024
Bylaw 37.1 sets out the information that is to be included on a Certificate of Professional Conduct (CPC) requested by a registrant to be provided to another medical regulatory authority.  The Council amended the bylaw to state that a direction from

Regulatory bylaw 19.1 – Standards for prescribing of methadone or buprenorphine for OUD

Posted on 3/19/2024
The Council amended regulatory bylaw 19.1 to reduce the requirements to be met by physicians prescribing opioid agonist therapy (OAT) as a maintaining physician to palliative patients.

2.3 in 2023 – A recap of bylaw changes relating to Registration!

Posted on 3/19/2024
Changes made to Regulatory Bylaw 2.3, which outlines the non-exemptible standards for licensure.

Regulatory bylaw 2.15 – Eligibility to vote in Council elections and be elected to Council

Posted on 12/18/2023
Bylaw 2.15 rescinded: matters now addressed in administrative bylaws 4.1 to 4.10.