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College Membership Statistics for the Annual Report

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Total Registered as at December 31, 2011



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Total Registered as at December 31, 2012



2012 has been another busy year for Registration Services.

During 2012, Registration Services handled 1056 inquiries/applications for registration, renewed approximately 2000 licences and approximately 1200 medical professional corporations. In addition, we process approximately 600 educational licences for the College of Medicine.

Members will recall that the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan has declared its intent to align with national registration standards that are currently under development. As a result, the College has experienced a number of changes to our registration requirements:

There are now two pathways for internationally trained family physicians to become licensed in Saskatchewan. They must complete a pre-licensure assessment program or be approved for certification without examination by the College of Family Physicians of Canada;

Supervised practice was introduced for those internationally trained family physicians that successfully complete a pre-licensure assessment program (SIPPA or CFPC Certification without examination). The College appreciates the work of practicing physicians who have provided support to new colleagues by accepting responsibility for practice supervision;

The College is commencing summative assessments for those physicians who have completed a pre-licensure assessment process as an alternative to the Medical Council of Canada examinations. Development of processes and tools as well as recruiting assessors has consumed a great deal of time in Registration Services. The College appreciates the work of practicing physicians who have provided support to new colleagues by accepting responsibility for summative assessors;

Following completion of the pilot phase of the SIPPA assessment, the program became available to physicians from a broader range of countries in May 2012. The College registered 45 physicians on educational licences for the SIPPA assessment in 2012. 36 of them were successful in the assessment and moved to provisional licensure with supervision. Several moved to full licensure as they had obtained the LMCC designation prior to relocating to Saskatchewan.

SIPPA Session 2012 # of Participants # of Successful Participants # with LMCC (move to full licensure)
January 7 7 2
May 14 12 1
September 24 17 5
Total Numbers 45 36 8

The College moved forward with offering summative assessments for specialist physicians who had exhausted their eligibility for the Royal College examinations. These assessments are labor intensive and take a great deal of time to organize. The College is grateful to all assessors who have supported Saskatchewan specialists through this process.

Revalidation requirements became mandatory in 2007 for renewal in the fall of 2008. The College is aware that many physicians are unclear about the requirements and the process to satisfy Bylaw 5.1. This issue is likely to be the focus of a great deal of time and attention for Registration Services in 2013.

Statistics prepared by Ms. Amy McDonald, CA

Registration report prepared by B. Porter Director, Physician Registration