Standards, Policies and Guidelines

P = Policy
G = Guideline
S = Standard
 Status  Adopted    Last 
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Key words: ADR

P  Nov-19 Nov-24
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Key words: Reproductive Technology, ART, IVF, GIFT 
 S  Sep-12  Jan-21 Jan-26
Blood-borne Viruses: Screening, Reporting and Monitoring of Physicians/Medical Students
Key words: Hepatitis B C and HIV-Infected Physicians, Exposure-prone procedures, EPP, BBV, HCV, HBV, HIV

P  Apr-06 Mar-21 Mar-24
Canadian Guideline for Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (2017)
Key words: Opioids: Canadian Guideline, chronic pain, prescribing
G  Sep-17
Clinics that Provide Care to Patients Who Are Not Regular Patients of the Clinic
Key words: Walk-In Clinics; Acute Care Clinics; Episodic Care; Minor Emergency Clinics

P UNDER REVIEW  Mar-15  Jan-20 Mar-23
Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Key words: Alternative/Complementary Therapies, Unconventional Treatments  

P  Feb-11  Jan-20 Jun-23
Completion of Third Party Forms and Certification of Work Absence / Accommodation Due to Illness or Injury
Key words: Sick notes; Forms and Certification; insurance forms, exemption
P     Jun-16  Nov-22  Nov-25
Confidentiality of Patient Information
Key words: Confidentiality, personal health information, PHI, HIPA, Mandatory Reporting, Disclosure
G  Nov-14  Nov-19 Nov-24
Conflict of Interest 
Key Words: Sale of Products, Gifts, Leasing Space
G  Mar-14  Sep-19 Sep-24
Conscientious Objection
Key words: legally permissible care, freedom of conscience, conscientious objection, refusal of services

P UPDATED  Sep-15  Jan-24 Nov-28
Consultations - College Policy Development

P  Mar-20 Mar-25
Contents and Access to Information in Physician's College Files
Key words: College Files: Physician Access 

P  Jul-93  Mar-20 Mar-25
CPSS Publications
Key words: Editorial Policy, College Newsletter
 P UPDATED   Dec-92  Jun-23  Jun-28
Disclosure of Adverse Incidents   
Key wordsAdverse Events and Errors: Physician Disclosure; complications, consent, critical incident, near-miss, no harm incidents
P     Sep-22  Sep-25
End-of-Life Care
Key words: Palliative; End of life; CPR

 G    Jan-22  Jan-27
Ending a Patient-Physician Relationship
Key words: Continuity of Care, end relationship, transfer of records, patient discharge; terminating a patient-physician relationship
P    Jun-22  Jun-27
Establishing a Patient-Physician Relationship
Key words: Establishing a relationship; initial interview, office visit, meet and greet, emergency care, specialist care
   Jun-22  Jun-27
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Guidelines for Clinical Office Practice
Key words: Infection Control, IPAC

G  Jun-16  Sep-21 Sep-26
Informed Consent and Determining Capacity to Consent
Key words: Consent, Advance Health Care Directive, English proficiency, translation, interpretation
   Sep-11  Jun-22 Mar-27
Licensure of Physicians to Work in Limited Roles
Key words: Limited Roles: Physician Licences

P UNDER REVIEW  Nov-07  Sep-18 Sep-23
MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying)
     - Patient's Death is NOT Reasonably Foreseeable
     - Patient's Death is Reasonably Foreseeable 



Medical Examinations by Non-Treating Physicians (NTMEs)
Key words: IME

P  NEW  Jun-01  Nov-22 Nov-25
Medical Practice Coverage
Key words: After hours coverage, on-call, 24-hour coverage
P UNDER REVIEW  2007  Mar-21 Mar-23
Medical Practice Observation/Experience
Key words: Observership, supervising physicians, observer
 Mar-17 Jan-23 Jan-28
Methadone for Analgesia Practice Standards and Guidelines
Key words: Chronic Pain, Methadone for Pain
S/G  Jan-21
Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) Prescribing
Key words: Suboxone, Methadone Prescribing, OAT forms, opioid use disorder, Buprenorphine/Naloxone, maintaining, initiating, addiction

P UPDATED  Nov-18  Nov-22 Jun-27
Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) Standards and Guidelines 
Key words: Methadone Prescribing, OAT Prescribing, opioid use disorder, buprenorphine/naloxone

S/G  UPDATED  Nov-18  Nov-22 Jun-27
Patient-Physician Communication  

Patients Who Threaten Harm to Themselves or Others
Key words: Disclosure of PHI without consent, HIPA, Mental Health Services Act
G UPDATED  Mar-15  Mar-23 Mar-28
Performing Office-based Insured Procedures
Key words: Office-based Procedures: Insured, scope of practice, IPAC, authorization of non-physician providers, medical director
P  UPDATED  Sep-18 Nov-22 Nov-25
Performing Office-based Non-insured Procedures
Key words: Office-based procedures: Non-insured, scope of practice, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic medicine, IPAC, authorization of non-physician providers, medical director
P  UPDATED  Sep-18  Nov-22 Nov-25
Physician Obligations Regarding Medical Certification of Death
Key words: Death Certificates, obligations
P  1994  Mar-19 Mar-26
Physician Use of Electronic Communications
Key words: Communication: Electronic, Patient-Physician; phone, fax, e-mail, internet, social media, online communication
UPDATED  2012  Sep-23 Sep-26
Physician Use of Social Media
Key words: Social media, freedom of speech
G  Mar-21 Mar 24
Physicians Accessing Patient-Specific Information from the Pharmacy Information Program (PIP)
Key words: PIP Access

 P  UNDER REVIEW  Jun-05  Sep-15 Sep-20
Physicians and Public Health Emergencies
Key words: Healthcare Emergencies, scope of practice

G    Sep-09  Sep-22 Sep-27
Physicians at Risk to Patients
Key words: Physician Health: Risk to Patients, substances, impairment, competence, obligation to report
 P  Dec-96  Jun-21 Jun-26
Physicians Leaving Practice
Key words: Leaving Practice, retirement, relocation, absence, closure, continuity of care

P    Jun-22 Jun-27
Prescribing: Access to the PIP Program or EHR Viewer
Key Words: e-Viewer, eHealth

P  Sep-20 Sep-23
 Prescribing Benzodiazepines and Z-Drugs
Key Words: PIP, prescribing 
 S NEW   Nov-23    Nov-28
Professional Responsibilities in Postgraduate and Undergraduate Education
Key words: Supervising Responsibilities, medical students, residents, PGME, UGME
P UNDER REVIEW  Mar-18 Mar-23
Providing Care to Employees or Co-workers
Key words: Treating Employees

 G UNDER REVIEW   Jun-12  Jan-20  Nov-22
Public Access to Council Documents and Redaction of Sensitive Information Contained Therein
Key words: Council documents, public access
P  Jun-16 Jun-21 Jun-26
Public Access to Council Meetings  
Key words: Council Meetings Access, Public Access
 Aug-98  Mar-20 Mar-25
Referral-Consultation Process
Key words: Referrals, consultations, referral letters, consultation report
G  Jan-21 Jan-24
Renewal Questions - Use of Information by the College
Key words: License Renewal Questions

P UNDER REVIEW  Nov-06  Mar-22 Nov-23
Responsibility for a Medical Practice
Key words: Clinic, staff, multi-physician clinic, corporation, primary contact

   Jan-22 Jan-27
Role of Council, Committees and Legal Counsel in Disciplinary Investigations and Court Matters
Key words: Unprofessional Conduct: Investigation; PIC, Executive Committee, Council, discipline, legal

P    Sep-07  Sep-22 Sep-27
Sale of Products by Physicians
Key words: Sale of Products, medically necessary products, medically optional products
P    Mar-19 Jun-22 Jun-25
Scope of Practice Change
Key words: Scope of Practice, return to practice after absence, new field of practice, new procedures, new patient profile, currency of practice, new treatment, new technology, training, experience
P  Sep-14  Sep-21 Sep-24
Sexual Boundaries  
Key words: Sexual misconduct, sexual harassment

P  Jan-14  Jan-20 Jan-25
Standards for Primary Care
Key words: Primary Care Standards, chronic diseases, patient encounter, multiple concerns, comprehensive care, follow up, test results

P UNDER REVIEW  Mar-15  Jan-21 Mar-23
The Practice of Telemedicine - See Virtual Care
Transfer of Patient Records
Key words: Patient Records and Files Transfer, Leaving Practice, Emergency Closure, HIPA, chart copies, EMR, third parties
G  Jul-02  Jan-20 Jan-25
Withdrawal of Physician Services During Job Action
Key words: Physician Job Action, Strike, protest, discontinuing services
 P UPDATED  Dec-99  Jan-23 Jan-28
Ultrasound for Non-Medical Reasons

P RESCINDED    Nov-23  
Uninsured Services
Key words: MSB, MCIB, third party, not publicly funded

P UPDATED  Sep-19 Sep-23 Sep-26
Victim Impact Statements  
P  Mar-20 Mar-25
Virtual Care   (formerly The Practice of Telemedicine)
Key words: telemedicine, emerging technologies
 Sep-10  Sep-23  Sep-26
Withdrawal of Physician Services During Job Action
Key words: Physician Job Action, Strike, protest, discontinuing services
 P UPDATED  Dec-99  Jan-23 Jan-28

Standards are formal requirements established by the College with which members must comply. They supplement the College’s bylaws and mandate clinical and/or ethical standards in relation to defined areas of practice.

Policies contain requirements set by the Council of the College to supplement the Act and Bylaws. Policies are formal positions of the College in relation to defined areas of practice with which members must comply. The Council also sets policies on registration, administration, and governance of the College.


Guidelines describe practices that are generally recommended by the Council of the College as part of providing quality medical care in a professional manner. Physicians licensed with the College are encouraged to follow these recommended courses of action and should exercise reasonable discretion in their decision-making based on this guidance.

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