Presentation Title   Presenter
 Methadone Standards and Guidelines: What's New?   Dr. Morris Markentin
 Substance Use Disorders: The Basics  Dr. Peter Butt 
 Opioid Substitution Therapy: Risks & Benefits  Dr. Leo Lanoie
 The Co-Dependent Therapist  Brenda Senger
 Admission Criteria  Haley Thompson
 Methadone Assisted Recovery Services   Courtney Morin
 The Treatment Team  Dr. Morris Markentin
 Patient Assessment for Opioid Substitution 2015  Dr. Brian Fern
 OST Pharmacology & Therapeutics  Dr. Leo Lanoie
 Urine Drug Screening  Dr. Peter Butt 
 Carries:  A Therapeutic Approach  Dr. Peter Butt 
 Dispensing Issues  Dr. Leo Lanoie
 Prescribing Issues in Community Pharmacy  Kirsty Carlson
 Discontinuation: Involuntary Discharge  Dr. Peter Butt
 Concurrent Mental Health  Dr. Stefan Brennan
 Concurrent Physical Health: Physical Co-morbidities  Dr. Leo Lanoie
 Methadone (and Pregnancy Care) For Women With Problematic Substance Use   Dr.. George Carson
 Recovery Streams: Adjusting Services to Need  Dr. Peter Butt
 Pain, Addiction & Methadone  Dr. Peter Butt
 Community Models of OST Care - PA Case Histories  Dr. Leo Lanoie
 Sunrise Health Region Methadone Clinic  Dr. Oluwole Oduntan
 Melissa Janzen
 Sherry Shumay
 Methadone Prescribing Issues: Hospital Perspective  Jaris Swidrovich