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Supervision and Assessment

General Information

All physicians who are not eligible for a Regular License, are required to be supervised by a College-approved supervisor.

Physicians engaged in College-approved assessments are granted an educational licence.  Physicians who require supervision are granted a provisional licence and are able to practice independently and bill for services, while under supervision. 

Assessment activities include:

Practice Ready Assessments

For Internationally Trained Family Physicians: See Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA Program).

For Internationally Trained Specialist Physicians: At the request of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, a process to determine if a candidate meets the standard set out by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) that may result in Royal College Exam eligibility. The process can take a minimum of 3 months (ie. 55 days of observed practice) and the supervisor/assessor(s) complete and submit forms to the RCPSC. The RCPSC will also send the candidate forms for completion, as candidates must complete a cycle of Maintenance of Certification (MOC PRA program) with the RCPSC. 

• If successful, the RCPSC will issue a letter of eligibility in the primary discipline.

Pre-Licensure Assessments

• At the request of the Saskatchewan Health authority, a process designed to permit internationally trained physicians who are not eligible for Canadian certification to demonstrate that they possess the academic knowledge, technical skill, and clinical judgment to enter supervised practice in Saskatchewan.  A summative assessment is performed at the end of the supervision period to determine options for enduring licensure.

Supervised Practice

• A process that enables a physician to practise independently under a Provisional licence with scheduled reviews and feedback from a supervisor.

Summative Assessments

• A process to determine if a physician is competent in his/her discipline and meets the expected standards of care for Regular Licensure.

The image below outlines the typical process.  Overall duration can vary.  Click here to download PDF view .


Interested in becoming a supervisor or assessor?

The CPSS is always looking for physicians who would be willing to engage in supervision or assessment related activities. Serving as a supervisor helps to build our provincial capacity to provide safe, high quality health care to our patients.   If you have been practising with a regular licence for a period of three years or more, you may meet our requirements to serve as a supervisor.

Supervision involves:

  • Reviewing patient charts online through an EMR, on a pre-determined basis.
  • Engaging with your supervisee, to offer feedback, mentorship and encourage to continue developing any notable areas of practice,
  • Submitting reports on time to the CPSS, based on the chart reviews.

See CPSS Supervision Infographic for a quick overview.
See CPSS Supervisor Handout for more information.

If you have any questions about being a supervisor or would like to explore becoming one, please email



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