GOVERNANCE POLICY:  CR-1  Delegation to the Registrar

 POLICY TYPE: Council-Registrar Relationship
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010

The Council will delegate authority and accountability to staff only through the Registrar, as CEO.

 1. The Council will direct the Registrar to achieve specified results, for specified recipients, at a specified worth, through the establishment of Ends policies.  The Council will limit the latitude the chief executive may exercise in practices, methods, conduct and other “means” to the ends through establishment of Executive Limitations policies.

 2. As long as the Registrar uses any reasonable interpretation of the Council’s Ends and Executive Limitations policies, the Registrar is authorized and required to establish all further policies, make all decisions, take all actions and develop all activities.

 3. The Council may change its Ends and Executive Limitations policies, thereby shifting the boundary between Council and Registrar domains.  By so doing, the Council changes the latitude of choice given to the Registrar, but so long as any particular policy is in place, Councilors collectively and individually will respect and support the Registrar choices.  This does not prevent the Council from obtaining information from the Registrar about the delegated areas.

 4. Only decisions of the Council acting as a body are binding upon the Registrar.

4.1  The relationship between the Registrar and any individual councilor is collegial, not hierarchical.  As the Registrar is accountable only to the full Council, and as no Councilor has authority individually, the Registrar and Councilors are equals.

4.2  Decisions or instructions of individual Councilors, officers, or committees are not binding on the Registrar except in instances when the Council has specifically authorized such exercise of authority.

 4.3 In the case of Councilors or committees requesting information or assistance without Council authorization, the Registrar can refuse such requests that require - in the Registrar’s judgment - a material amount of staff time or funds or is disruptive.

5. Only the Council acting as a body can employ, terminate, discipline, or change the conditions of employment of the Registrar.