Patient Safety

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Safety
Unencoded Drug Allergies - Accuro & Med Access  (SMA) (2021/03)

Immunization Safety
Recommendations on the Duration of the Post-vaccination Observation Period for Influenza Vaccination during the COVID-19 Pandemic   (NACI) (2020/10)

Notification of Vaccine Administration Form - For each patient/client that receives influenza vaccine from you, please complete this form. Save the blank form to your computer and use that saved form to enter the information. Save the form with the entered information under another name and the changes should be saved. Submit the form within three (3) business days to the following email address: or **NEW** fax forms to 306-787-6296. 

Mandatory Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions and Medical Device Incidents (Vanessa's Law)
CPSI Education to support mandatory ADR and MDI Reporting
Health Canada Guidance Document for Mandatory Reporting (19/06)
Communicating After Harm in Healthcare (17/08)

Surgical Safety
Saskatchewan Health Region facilities have a number of safety checklists, which are not regulated by the College.  Some examples of Surgical Safety Checklists are provided here, for review by physicians who may be helping to develop policies in their own facilities.

Alberta Safe Surgery Checklist
Canadian Patient Safety Institute Checklist
CMPA - Surgical Safety Checklist: A Review of Medical-Legal Data

Organ Transplant Safety
Hard To Believe (Organ Trafficking Awareness Video)
End Organ Pillaging (Video)