Language Services

PHYSICIANS: Can you understand, speak or write in a language other than English?  How about sign language?

Register your language proficiency with us!

In response to frequent inquiries from patients looking for medical services in languages other than English, the CPSS has developed a language services information database (accessible through the left sidebar menu of the website) which produces a list of physicians able to communicate in some form and at varying levels of expertise in a variety of languages (understood, spoken, written, or any combination thereof). 

The College recognises that patients, especially children and the elderly, often feel more comfortable expressing themselves in their mother tongue, and even more so when they are not feeling well.   Your language profile could be especially useful in a variety of situations, including when an attending physician must provide services to a non-English-speaking patient and no other resources are available. 

You are encouraged to provide this information via the link below indicating whether you are able to communicate in other languages and if you would be willing to offer at least partial services in those languages to your patients.  The information will be entered into our database and made available to the public through your physician profile on the College database.

To fill out the form, click here.  

Thank you for your efforts and participation in helping provide the best quality care possible for your patients!