Useful Tools


CMPA Handbooks 
Choosing Wisely Canada and Prevention Through Primary Care 
Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health Project

LINK - Leveraging Immediate Non-Urgent Knowledge (provincial non-urgent telephone consultation service)

Personal Health Resources

Canada Suicide Prevention Service
Eat Well Saskatchewan (dietitian call center pilot project for SK First Nations communities)

SMA Physician Health Program

LGTBQ2 Resources: 
OutSaskatoon - Medical Professionals

Patient Safety

Mandatory Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions and Medical Device Incidents (Vanessa's Law)
CPSI Education to support mandatory ADR and MDI Reporting
Health Canada Guidance Document for Mandatory Reporting (19/06)
Communicating After Harm in Healthcare (17/08)

Surgical Safety
Saskatchewan Health Region facilities have a number of safety checklists, which are not regulated by the College.  Some examples of Surgical Safety Checklists are provided here, for review by physicians who may be helping to develop policies in their own facilities.

Alberta Safe Surgery Checklist
Canadian Patient Safety Institute Checklist
CMPA - Surgical Safety Checklist: A Review of Medical-Legal Data