The CPSS continues to provide its full range of services via telephone and email, 
however access to the CPSS office spaces remains closed to the public.


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 The CPSS is a medical regulatory body responsible for the licensing of properly qualified medical practitioners, developing and ensuring the standards of practice in all fields of medicine, and investigating and disciplining of all doctors whose standards of medical care, ethical or professional conduct are questioned.  A variety of services and resources are also made available to the public and to physicians through the top and left navigation menus!   More about us

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News & Announcements


NEW ISSUE! Volume 2 Issue 1 -March 2023 

The news every prescribing physician and health care provider in Saskatchewan needs to know!

In this Issue:

  • Let's Talk Pain - Free Education Opportunity
  • "Tranq Dope": Are we prepared?
  • Stay Smart With Sharps
  • Potential Benefits of Specifying Indications on Prescriptions
  • Amendments to OAT Standards & Guidelines
  • Drug Spot: Oxybutynin
  • Put into Practice: Case Discussion

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 DocTalk 2023- Issue 1

  NEW ISSUE! DocTalk 2023 - Vol 10 Issue 1
** What SK Docs need to know to stay current! **

 Featuring articles on: 
  • Changes coming for 2023
  • Physician Shortage & Routes to Practising in SK
  • New Advertising Bylaw
  • Billing
  • Medical Practice Coverage Compliance Monitoring
  • Info for Residents Completing Training
  • New & updated policies and bylaws
  • ... and much more


 ADVISORY - Controlled Drug Alert - Desalkylgidazepam and Fentanyl

DRUG ALERT: Desalkylgidazepam (primary) and Fentanyl/Bromazolam/Caffeine (co-occurring) detected in a recent Estevan Police seizure                                                                   

This advisory is to alert to the presence of Desalkylgidazepam (primary) and Fentanyl/Bromazolam/Caffeine (co-occurring) found in a recent police seizure in the Estevan area and tested in laboratory by Health Canada.  This substances are likely new to this community and individuals may be unaware that they are consuming them.  The substance is associated with overdoses or deaths and may also represent a threat to anyone handling them without taking the appropriate health and safety precautions. READ MORE HERE

 PIP Incident Notification

PIP Incident Notification - Drug & Pharmacy Services Impact
eHealth Saskatchewan is aware of a technical issue preventing HealthWATCH pharmacy systems from transmitting all messaging to the PIP. These pharmacies include all Shoppers Drug Mart and all Loblaw pharmacies in Saskatchewan. The vendor is investigating a solution.
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 New Registrar Appointment

Dr. Grant Stoneham named CPSS Registrar
The Council of the CPSS is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Grant Stoneham as the College’s new Registrar, effective July 1, 2023, upon the retirement of his predecessor, Dr. Karen Shaw.





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