Establishing Practice

There are many things to plan for when establishing a new practice, joining an existing one, or returning to practice after an absence or disability, inactive practice, or change in scope of practice. There are licences to acquire, facilities to be chosen, agreements to be signed, announcements to be made, and a multitude of other associated tasks to complete.

In addition to this, a physician must also consider how  to transfer records safely, establish healthy patient-physician relationships , and advertise available services in a professional and ethical manner. A physician should also consider what arrangements would be made to ensure continuity of care in case of emergency closure, or should the practice cease to be active, or in the case of unsolvable patient-physician and/or physician-physician differences.

The College's Establishing Practice Guide will provide you with a general framework to help ensure a smooth transition towards your new practice.

Medical Practice Coverage

The CPSS Council approved amendments to the Medical Practice Coverage policy in March, 2021.  Council had directed that the College would not take active enforcement for a period of one year to provide education and feedback respecting these expectations.  That period expires March 2022.

Here are some tips from the Registrar's Office on how to properly set up your clinic for adequate coverage: