GOVERNANCE POLICY: EL-2  Treatment of Staff

 POLICY TYPE: Executive Limitations
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010

The Registrar shall not cause or allow practices or conditions which fail to protect the rights of employees, job applicants and appointed committee members to fair, equitable, and humane treatment.

The Registrar shall not:

1. Fail to develop and implement written human resource policies and procedures which clarify expectations and working conditions for staff, provide for effective handling of grievances, protect against wrongful conditions, and protect against unsafe conditions.

2. Discriminate against any staff member for expressing an ethical job-related dissent.

3. Prevent staff from appealing to the Council when (a) internal grievance procedures have been exhausted, and (b) the employee alleges either that Council policy has been violated to the employee's detriment, or that Council policy does not adequately protect the employee's human rights.

4. Fail to ensure that there is an effective staff education and development process in place.

5. Fail to acquaint staff with their rights under this policy.