GOVERNANCE POLICY: EL-7  Regulatory Functions

 POLICY TYPE: Executive Limitations
 DATE APPROVED: June 24, 2016
 AMENDED: June 15, 2018

The Registrar shall not fail to ensure that the provisions of The Medical Profession Act, 1981 regarding the practice of medicine in Saskatchewan are enforced, consistent with Council’s interpretation of the Act through its Bylaws/Policies.

Accordingly, the Registrar shall not:

1.   Fail to ensure that the standards established by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan are upheld.

2.   Fail to ensure compliance with Council’s stated values (Policy GP-14) regarding the process of handling complaints.

2.1. Fail to ensure that complainants receive fair hearing of their concerns and are informed of the progress and outcomes of all investigations.

2.2. Failure to ensure that complainants and respondents are aware of their rights and of the process used to investigate and resolve complaints.

2.3. Operate without a mechanism for Council review if the complainant or respondent allege that Council policy regarding the process of handling complaints has been violated.

3.   Operate without a Quality of Care Advisory Committee of which 50 percent are College members and 50 percent are members of the public.

 3.1   Fail to involve the Quality of Care Advisory Committee, the Executive Committee or the Council where the nature of the complaint may create a significant risk of harm to the public.