GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-17.1  Policy Cycle Process for Council Initiated Policies Governing the Practice of Medicine

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010

Council wishes to control the agenda for development of policies governing medical practice in a proactive rather than a reactive manner.  This policy governs the development of those policies of the Practice of Medicine which are of the first (proactive) type.  Council will determine the policy priorities and the Registrar will conduct the policy formulation process.  The Council will use the following procedure to ensure that policies are considered and adopted in a thoughtful and orderly manner.


1. The Council will create a list of priorities for policy development in advance of each policy cycle.

1.1  The Policy cycle will begin every six months.

1.2  Practice of Medicine policy topics will directly relate to the accomplishment of the Ends established by Council.  The impact of the planned policies will be incorporated into the Ends policies as more specific interpretations.

2. Council will classify the priority list in terms of:

2.1  Importance to medical practice.

2.2  Need (probable positive impact).

2.3  Urgency.

2.4  Any other criteria Council deems appropriate.

3. Council will consult with the Registrar as to how many policies she/he can research and develop within the budget.

4. Council will consult with the Registrar as to whether she/he perceives there to be areas where policy is needed.

5. Council will determine which policies on the priority list are to be formulated and/or reviewed in the upcoming policy cycle.

6. Council must accomplish this task by the beginning of the policy cycle.