GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-17.3  Policies of External Origin

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010

This policy governs the handling of policies governing medical practice that are adopted by other organizations and which Council is asked to support.  These policies are different from College generated policies for two reasons.  First, they do not coincide with the Council’s policy cycle, and second, they originate outside the College.

1. The planning cycle of the College must be controlled internally.  The Council will not be tempted to devote scarce resources to policy analysis and review unless such activity genuinely furthers the Ends of Council in a substantive way.

2. When presented with Practice of Medicine issues or external policies, Council will determine whether the issue is of such importance as to be inserted as a priority in the Ends.

2.1  If Council decides the policy must be dealt with, the Registrar is entitled to ask for guidance as to what will be dropped from Ends.

2.2  Further review and development of the policy will follow