GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-17.4  Flexibility and Ability to React

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010

Although it is recognized that planning is crucial to the process of developing policies governing medical practice, Council needs the ability to address emerging issues in the governance of the practice of medicine.

1. Under Policy EL-9, the Registrar will not let the Council be unaware of “relevant trends, relevant potential public policy changes or changes in the assumptions upon which any Council policy has previously been established.”

2. Under Policy GP-4(3), Council shall gather data and interact with the public in a way that reflects the diversity of the moral ownership.

3. If the Registrar, or Councilor(s), bring to the Council concerns because of a void in the policies governing the practice of medicine, the Council will review the need to pursue the policy area in light of:

3.1  Progress of work on policies identified in that policy cycle’s Policy List formulated under Policy GP-17.1.

3.2  The overall priority of the newly identified policy void in comparison with other approved policy initiatives.

3.3  The resources available to the Registrar to pursue policy analysis in the newly identified area.

4. Council may choose to change the overall priorities they initially assigned under Policy GP-17.1.