GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-3  Council Job Description

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010

The job results of Council activity, as distinguished from the activity of its staff, will be:

 1.   A link between the organization and its moral ownership.

 2.   Written governing policies which, at the broadest levels, address:

 2.1. Ends:  Organizational products, impacts, benefits, outcomes, recipients, and their relative worth (what good, for which people, at what cost).

 2.2. Executive Limitations:  Constraints on executive authority which establish the boundaries of prudence and ethics within which all executive activity and decisions must take place.

 2.3. Governance Process:  Specification of how the Council conceives carries out and monitors its own task.

 2.4. Council-Registrar Relationship:  How power is delegated and its proper use monitored; the Registrar role, authority, and accountability.

 3.   Assurance of Registrar’s performance in achieving the results defined in the Ends policies, and not exceeding the constraints in Executive Limitations policies, through monitoring and evaluation of the Registrar as outlined in policies on Council-Registrar Relationship.

 4.   Statements of principles and positions related to public policy which represent the health interests of the people of Saskatchewan.

 5.   The discharge of those functions uniquely reserved to the Council by The Medical Profession Act, 1981.