GOVERNANCE POLICY: GP-7.1  Executive Committee Terms of Reference

 POLICY TYPE: Governance Process
 DATE APPROVED: April 16, 2010


 1. Tasks delegated by Council.

 1.1.  Liaison with external agencies’ Executive Committee or equivalent.

 1.2.  Decisions on appeals to relocate has been deleted as there are no longer three year commitments associated with licensure.

 2. Activities and actions on behalf of Council in situations where it is not feasible to convene a meeting of the full Council.

 2.1.       Interim suspensions as authorized in the Act, until next Council meeting.



  1.   In the above-designated decisions, Executive Committee has authority to act on behalf of Council.  All Executive Committee decisions shall be reported to Council at the next meeting of Council, and its actions are valid until so reported, at which time the Council may deal with the matter as it considers advisable.

 2.   Executive Committee has no power to alter, repeal or suspend any bylaw of the Council.


 1.   President of Council

 2.   Vice President of Council

 3.   Three Council members elected by the Council, one of whom shall be a non-medical Council Member.  The word “Two” has been changed to “Three” as The Medical Profession Act, 1981 requires that all three members be elected.

 4.   The Council encourages the Past-President of the Council to seek election as a member of the Executive Committee.

Term of Office

One year or until election of a successor.


A majority of members of the Committee constitutes quorum.