Non-Hospital Treatment Facilities

Medical services are provided in both public and private facilities in Saskatchewan. Hospitals operate independently of the College. Regional Health Authorities in Saskatchewan are responsible for the hospitals located in their health regions.

College Regulatory Bylaw 26.1 requires a non-hospital treatment facility to obtain College approval to operate if it performs any of the procedures specified in the bylaw.

In general, a facility requires approval from the College of Physicians and Surgeons if it:

  1. utilizes general anaesthesia, sedation, major nerve blocks or regional blocks; or
  2. performs procedures with risk of bleeding from major vessels, risk of life-threatening complications or which require sterile precautions.


Bylaw 26.1 contains a list of procedures which can only be performed in facilities which have received College approval.

A facility requires a licence issued by the Government of Saskatchewan in order to operate if The Health Facilities Licensing Act applies. In general, a facility will require a licence if the facility delivers publicly funded health services which were previously provided in a Saskatchewan hospital. The Health Facilities Licensing Act, and the regulations, can be obtained from the Queen’s Printer website. The Government of Saskatchewan oversees the licensure process for such facilities.

Non-hospital treatment facilities which provide both insured and non-insured services often require both College approval under Bylaw 26.1 and a licence under The Health Facilities Licensing Act.

In order to be approved by the College, a facility must meet the standards established by the College. Most of the standards are those established by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons for Non-Hospital Surgical Facilities in that Province.

In order to be approved, a facility will generally have to be inspected by the College and comply with any recommendations arising out of that inspection. It will also have to appoint a Medical Director who is responsible to oversee the operation of the facility. Physicians who provide surgical or anaesthetic services in a non-hospital treatment facility must be approved by the College to do so.


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