COVID-19 - What you need to know

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COVID-19 - Information for College of Medicine Students, Faculty and Staff

Due to the rapid turnover of alerts and changes to information, this section of the CPSS website will currently mainly link to the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine COVID-19 information page.

College of Medicine committed to advancing learners

The College of Medicine (CoM) is working with our learners, physician educators, and the University of Saskatchewan to ensure our fourth-year medical doctor students graduate and our undergraduate and postgraduate learners advance to their next year. It is more critical than ever that we support our learners in completing  their training and education so the flow of new doctors into the workforce is not interrupted. The CoM is committed to working with clinicians and clinician leaders so that medical learners participate in clinical settings appropriately in current and evolving circumstances.

Help for busy caregivers

Year 1 and 2 medical students at the USask College of Medicine are offering support to healthcare workers and their families with shopping, childcare and other needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have posted information and a form online so healthcare professionals can connect with undergraduate medical students prepared to volunteer their time. Students are also continuing their studies online to complete their current year.