Addressing Quality of Care
February 2021
Charting the course for your Virtual Care Visits

Virtual care has become a mainstay throughout this global pandemic and it has allowed us to keep our patients safe, while also being able to provide the ongoing care and support they need.  Below are a few reminders on how to prepare for your next virtual care visit.

  • Have you documented the reason for the visit and updated any patient demographic elements?
  • Have you done your best to authenticate the patient’s identity?
  • Have you confirmed that you and your patient are in a location where private and confidential information can be safely shared?
  • Have you helped your patient to understand the limitations and risks of a virtual visit and obtained patient consent to proceed?
  • Once you have reviewed the patient complaint, have you considered if this concern is amenable to virtual care or whether the patient needs an in-person visit?
  • Have you made sure to access the eHR-Viewer during the visit to review medication, results and reports?
  • Have you done your best to keep detailed, high quality notes, consistent with the CPSS Regulatory Bylaw 23.1?
  • Have you made sure to set up access to the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) to ensure safe and secure prescription management is occurring?

If you wish to refresh yourself on these and other helpful tips, please refer to the Practical Information Sheet for Virtual Visits found on the CPSS website.  In this guide you will find pointers on how to prepare for a virtual visit, practice considerations during a virtual visit, recommended platforms to provide virtual care, information on billing, access to standards, guidelines and policies as well as the Ministry of Health instructional guide to Virtual care.