Addressing Quality of Care
March 2022
By Werner Oberholzer, Deputy Registrar
Do you use the PIP and/or eHR viewer, and do you have an active login?

A reminder to Saskatchewan physicians that, pursuant to the CPSS policy Prescribing: Access to the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) or electronic Health Record (eHR) Viewer, all physicians licensed in Saskatchewan who prescribe and/or order medications:

  • must have active login capability with either the PIP and/or the eHR Viewer
  • In circumstances where the physician is unable to obtain active login capability with either the PIP and/or the eHR Viewer, or where that login capability is suspended or rescinded by eHealth, the physician must report this to the College.

When access is available, the College recommends that physicians view a patient’s medication profile in the PIP or the eHR Viewer prior to prescribing.  This is highly recommended when prescribing opioids or other psychoactive medications to a patient and, most particularly, when the physician does not look after the patient on a regular basis.

The Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) has been developed with the primary purpose of improving patient care in Saskatchewan. 

The PIP program provides authorized health care providers access through a secure computer network to information about drugs dispensed to Saskatchewan patients by community pharmacies in Saskatchewan, and by select out of province pharmacies. The PIP also permits authorized providers to enter allergy/intolerance information and to ePrescribe. 

The electronic Health Record (eHR) Viewer is a secure website that authorized health care providers can use to access clinical information on Saskatchewan residents.  It includes information such as:

  • medication information,
  • laboratory results,
  • transcribed clinical documents,
  • chronic disease information,
  • medical imaging reports, and
  • records of hospital visits. 

The eHR Viewer includes medication information from the PIP, including medications dispensed by any community pharmacy in Saskatchewan, and select out of province pharmacies, to Saskatchewan residents with a valid Health Services Number (HSN) for the past 25 months.

Access to information within the PIP and eHR Viewer assists physicians in providing the best possible quality of medical care to their patients.

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) has advisors who can assist with PIP/eHR Viewer set-up, including integration of these programs into your EMR.


SMA Toll Free in Saskatchewan: 1-800-667-3781


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Training Resources for PIP 

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  Dr. Werner Oberholzer is Deputy Registrar with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and specializes in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Care of the Elderly.