DOCTALK 2021 - Volume 8 Issue 4
December 2021

December 2021

By Dr. Olawale Igbekoyi, CPSS Council President

Council last met on the 19th & 20th of November 2021.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for the 28th & 29th of January 2022.  Meetings have been held virtually through Webex since March 2020 and will likely continue in that format for the foreseeable future.  
Agendas and E
xecutive Summaries with information about the content of the open portion of Council meetings are available here.

Highlights from the last Council Meeting

1. Council reviewed and approved several bylaw amendments that will be reported in DocTalk once they have been approved by the Government of Saskatchewan and published in the Saskatchewan Gazette. 

2. Council voted to recognize the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) document as a working tool to inform Council’s deliberations on Truth and Reconciliation. 

3. Council approved an amended guideline on Physician Use of Electronic Communications .

 Council Election Results

The results are in! 
Congratulations to the winners!
Please see below the list of successful candidates who have been newly elected/re-elected to serve on Council for the next three years. 

R = Re-elected 
 North East    Dr. Carmen Mircea  N
 North West & Athabasca    Dr. Mark Chapelski (acclamation)  R
 Regina    Dr. Al Beggs (acclamation)  R
 Saskatoon    Dr. Raviqubal Basi  N
 South East    Dr. Yusuf Kasim (acclamation)  R


On behalf of Council, I
 would like to thank Dr. Brian Brownbridge (Saskatoon Area, Member of Council since 2015, President 2019, 2020), and Dr. Yagan Pillay (North East Area, 2018-2021) for their years of service as elected Members of Council. 

Dr. Brian Brownbridge will continue to serve on Council as Immediate Past President, pending the result of the election of the Executive Committee members at the January 2022 Council meeting. 

    Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi is President (2021) of the Council of the College of Physicians  and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and a Family Physician practicing in Rosetown.