DOCTALK 2022 - Volume 9 Issue 1
March 2022

March  2022

By Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi, CPSS Council President

Council last met on the 28th & 29th of January 2022.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for the 18th & 19th of March 2022. 
Agendas and E
xecutive Summaries with information about the content of the open portion of Council meetings are available here and on the College website.

Highlights from the last Council Meeting
  • Council approved several appointments to College Committees.


  • Council established a Registrar’s Search Committee with the mandate to advertise for and find a successor for the current Registrar, who plans to retire in mid-2023.


  • Council appointed a committee to review the injection of bioactive substances by registered nurses.


  • Council approved a new guideline, End of Life Care. Mr. Bryan Salte, Senior Legal Counsel, elaborates on the provision of care at the end of life in this article



  • The Council directed the Registrar’s office to liaise with the government on the matter of non-physicians controlling physician clinics.

 Executive Committee Elections

Please see below the list of successful candidates who have been newly elected/re-elected to serve on Council's Executive Committee for the year 2022.  

 President  Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi
 Vice President  Dr. Alan Beggs
 Member-at-Large  Dr. Sarah Mueller
 Member-at-Large  Dr. Oladapo (Dapo) Mabadeje
 Public Member-at-Large  Mr. Burton O'Soup

Dr. Brian Brownbridge will continue to serve on Council as Past President


    Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi is President (2021-present) of the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and a Family Physician practicing in Rosetown.