DOCTALK 2022 - Volume 9 Issue 3
June & September 2022 Council Meeting Reports
Council last met on the 17th & 18th of June and on September 30th-October 1st, 2022.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for the 25th & 26th of November 2022.  Agendas and Executive Summaries with information about the content of the open portion of Council meetings are available here on the College website.

Highlights from the last Council Meetings
JUNE 17-18, 2022
  • Council agreed to sign a draft statement of commitment in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation. The Registrar and the Truth and Reconciliation committee will ensure partner outreach and a signing ceremony at an appropriate date.
  • Council approved the following policies, standards and guidelines:
    • Guideline - Patient-Physician Relationships
    • Policy - Ending the Patient-Physician Relationship 
    • Policy - Physicians-Surgeons Leaving Practice
    • Standards & Guidelines: Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) and 6 Prescribing OAT Policies
    • Policy - Sale of Products by Physicians
    • Policy - Informed consent
    • Council also rescinded the Unplanned Pregnancy Policy.
  • Council provided advice to the Registrar that cancelling the emergency declaration effective July 15 is appropriate.
  • A Code of Conduct for the Discipline Committee was approved.
  • Council provided advice to the Registrar that cancelling the emergency declaration effective July 15 is appropriate.
  • An educational session for physicians will be held in connection with the AGM in November.


  • Council approved several bylaw amendments after considering stakeholder feedback, and also approved several bylaw amendments in principle for the purpose of stakeholder consultation.  Amended bylaws will be reported in a future issue of DocTalk once they have been approved by the Minister of Health and published in the Saskatchewan Gazette. 
  • Council approved the following policies, standards and guidelines :
    • Policy Disclosure of Adverse Incidents
    • Guideline Physicians and Public Health Emergencies.
    • Policy Role of Council, Executive Committee and Legal Counsel in Disciplinary Investigations and Court Matters
  • Council also approved the guidance document on Ketamine Administration in Community-Based Settings and the application document on Ketamine administration in community-based settings.  More details will be made available in the December issue of DocTalk.
  • An increase in annual fees for physician licensure renewal was approved, from $1880 to $1950.  The change was effective immediately.
  • An educational compliance monitoring process to determine if physicians are available to be contacted both during office hours and after office hours (as required by the Medical Practice Coverage policy) has been approved for implementation following notification of physicians. 
  • Council endorsed the FMRAC Statement on Indigenous-Specific Racism.
  • Senior Life Designation Recipients for the years 2020 to 2022 will be invited to a joint celebration in November 2022.
  • Funding was approved for the following programs:
    • The College of Medicine’s Wellness Leadership Role, for 2022 and 2023. The 2023 year will be a pilot project with a review to determine whether there should be more permanent funding after 2023.
    • Council approved $150,000 funding for the Practice Enhancement Program (PEP) for 2023.
  • Council provided advice to the Registrar that cancelling the emergency declaration effective July 15 is appropriate.
  • Council adopted the Budget for 2023.


It's Election Time, Saskatoon!

The Saskatoon Area is going to ballot in Council elections this month,with candidates Dr. Nathan David Ginther and Dr. Sarah Mueller running  for a seat on Council.  Ballots were sent out to eligible voters in mid-October.

Saskatoon Area Members:  Please remember to participate by sending in your ballots by the November 29, 2022 deadline!

Good luck to the candidates!

Meet the Newest Council Members!

Council wishes to thank past Council Members for their contribution during their term: : Dr. Amos Akinbiyi, Dr. Aqeel Ghori, Mr. William (Bill) Hannah (Public Member, August 2017-May 2022), and Mr. Ken Smith (Public Member, January 2015 - May 2022).

Since the last issue of the newsletter, Council also welcomed three new Councillors to the table:


Ms. Carolyn Hlady

Public Member

Carolyn Hlady is a retired Police Officer with 34 years experience split between the RCMP and the Saskatoon Police Service. She is married with two adult children. She first became involved with the CPSS conducting Preliminary Inquiry Committees and is now looking forward to participating on Council.  Her hobbies include travel, cycling, and needlework. 

Mr. Jeff Howlett

Public Member 

Jeff Howlett is an Architect with Capital & Project Management in the Saskatchewan Health Authority. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife, two daughters and dog. He has previously served on Council with the Saskatchewan Association of Architects and was a Public Representative with the Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists. 

   Dr. Lenny Pillay
 Saskatoon Area (elected)

Dr. Lenny Pillay
is an Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) Specialist who has been in practice in Regina SK for 21 years. His hope is to advocate for the continued delivery of appropriate and excellent health care to Saskatchewan patients by our dedicated, respected and valued Saskatchewan Physicians. 



Find out more about the Council & the CPSS
in the 2021 CPSS Annual Report

It is with pleasure that the Council and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan recently published the 2021 Annual Report of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. An annual report is the fruit of much collaboration and many hours of work, and we have strived to provide the most accurate and relevant information possible.

The year covered by this report was one of adaptation, adjustment and accommodation, and of determination to do what was needed to carry out our regulatory activities and keep our staff and Council safe. 

We hope that you will enjoy learning about the College’s activities in the past year, and how Council and staff worked diligently to rise to the challenge of continuous improvement in fulfilling its mission to serve the public by regulating the practice of medicine and guiding the profession to achieve the highest standards of care.

   Click on the link below
to view the full animated report:
2021 Annual Report

Downloadable PDF