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 From the President & Registrar  

  A Physician Must Lead
February 2021

By: Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi, Council President

"Health is wealth and is essential for our individual development through our lifespan."
I would like to show my appreciation to my colleagues in Council for allowing me to lead the Council for the next year. It is indeed a significant milestone and learning curve for me, as a physician leader

It's a New Year - Choose Hope!

February 2021

By: Dr. Karen Shaw, Registrar & CEO

As 2021 unfolds, I hope that we will continue to act with the best interests of the community in mind, and diligently practice the measures that help keep us all safe. May 2021 be the year that “normalcy” returns. 
In this article:  COVID | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Strategic Goals - where we hope to go by 2025 | Choose Hope.  

 Legally Speaking
February 2021
By Bryan Salte, Associate Registrar and Senior Legal Counsel

Conscientious Objection in Medicine:  Addressing conflict between patient rights and physician freedom of conscience

The Council of the College recently reviewed and updated the College’s Conscientious Objection Policy. The policy addresses the conflicts that can arise when a patient seeks medical treatment from a physician who has a conscientious objection related to providing that treatment or providing information about that treatment.  

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Conflicts of Interest in Medical Practice
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Addressing Quality of Care
February 2021
By Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Deputy Registrar

Physicians and Sensitive Examinations

What can physicians do to ensure boundaries are respected and assist patients in feeling safe when a sensitive or intimate physical exam has to be performed?

The College wishes to provide some guidance and resources for physicians in this article. 

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Charting the Course for your Virtual Care Visits

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Practice Update
February 2021
By Dr. Saqib Shahab, Chief Medical Health Officer, Ministry of Health, Province of Saskatchewan

How to Support Your Patients: COVID-19 Update from Saskatchewan's Chief Medical Health Officer

As we approach the one year mark for COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, more people are expressing COVID-19 exhaustion. Whether this is following Public Health Orders, remembering to wear a mask or frustrations about life not going back to normal, it can be hard to remain vigilant. This is why it continues to be important for physicians to champion vaccination.

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CPSS Position on Off-Label Ketamine Prescribing

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 Registration Times  
  Meet the Senior Life Designation Award recipients!

February 2021
By: Debra-Jane Wright,  Director, Registration Services
  And That’s a Wrap: A close to our 2021 Annual Licence and Permit Renewal Season

This year, approximately 900 physicians took the time to complete the brief feedback survey at the end of the Licensure and Corporate Permit Renewal process.   

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Registration Services Team continues to balance remote work - but we're still here to help!

Interested in building your Supervision Experience?  

Registration Services - By the numbers

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DocTalk Volume 8, Issue 1

 2021- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan


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Caro Gareau
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