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 From the President & Registrar  

 Physician Workplace Stress -
A Public Safety Concern

December 2021

By: Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi, Council President

Although physicians frequently do not see themselves as employees, they are likely even more susceptible to workplace stress because of their level of responsibility. They are often part of a complex workforce team that is very susceptible to negative factors in the work environment.  READ MORE

  Wave After Wave -
Can We Stay Afloat? 

December 2021
By: Dr. Karen Shaw, CPSS Registrar and CEO

Dr. Shaw writes about COVID-19 and the Toll on the Profession; recent changes to the Medical Practice Coverage Policy; the Wellbeing of Healthcare Providers in Saskatchewan survey; and urges physicians to Refresh and Regenerate.  READ MORE

Legally Speaking

December 2021
By Sheila Torrance, CPSS Legal Counsel

Council approves expanded guideline: Physician Use of Electronic Communications

An amended guideline on Physician Use of Electronic Communications was approved to address the overarching principles that apply to any form of electronic communications when personal health information (PHI) is being transmitted, and to assist physicians in understanding their legal, professional and ethical obligations when using electronic means to communicate PHI.  This includes concerns with privacy, confidentiality and security of information.  READ MORE

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Policy Consultation - Responsibility for a Medical Practice
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Addressing Quality of Care
December 2021
By Rochelle Wempe, Legal Counsel, Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Deputy Registrar, and Dr. Val Olsen, Senior Medical Advisor

Trauma-informed Care

A visit to a medical office or hospital can be a difficult experience for someone who has experienced trauma. It is important to recognize how common trauma is and how to approach patients with care and compassion to reduce any risk of re-traumatization. 


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Medical Practice Coverage - What should physicians implement? 

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Practice Update
December 2021
Source: Trever Mather, SaskAbilities
and Caro Gareau, CPSS Communications

Special Needs Equipment (SNE) for SK Patients - Proper Procedure for Requisitions

The process for requisitions and referrals for special needs equipment can be somewhat unclear at times for patients and physicians.  SaskAbilities has put together some information to assist physicians in better understanding the program requirements and making the referral process easier. READ MORE

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Introducing the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS)

Practice Tools

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 Saskatchewan Physician Leaders    Senior Life Designation

Dr. John Froh awarded the Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service award for 2021  DETAILS

The Dr. Dennis A. Kendel Distinguished Service Award is a prestigious award presented to an individual (or group of individuals) who has made outstanding contributions in Saskatchewan to physician leadership and/or to physician engagement in quality improvements in healthcare. 


DocTalk Volume 8, Issue 4

 2021- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan


Dr. Brian Brownbridge
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Joanna Alexander (Public)
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Caro Gareau
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