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The Confident, Caring Physician
March 2022

By: Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi, Council President

Patients want their physicians to be self-confident; any perception of loss of confidence rapidly erodes trust in the physician., which can be far-reaching and detrimental to patient safety and public confidence in the profession. Unfortunately, situations do sometimes happen that could affect physician self-confidence.  

  Reaffirming the Value of Physician Leadership
March 2022
By: Dr. Karen Shaw, CPSS Registrar and CEO

Our Saskatchewan healthcare system needs you as a physician leader, more than ever.

  We're really not that scary! 
March 2022
By: Dr. Karen Shaw, CPSS Registrar and CEO

While many members of the College are comfortable contacting the College for information or advice it has come to our attention that there are others who appear not to be. But we are really not that scary!

Legally Speaking

March 2022
By Sheila Torrance, CPSS Legal Counsel

Council Approves New Policy - Responsibility for a Medical Practice

The recently approved new policy “Responsibility for a Medical Practice”, confirms that physicians are accountable for their own medical practice, including the patient care provided and billing for insured services.  In addition, it establishes expectations for physicians in multi-physician clinics READ MORE

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End of Life Care

Medical Practice Coverage FAQs

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Addressing Quality of Care
March 2022
By Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Deputy Registrar

Do you use the PIP and/or eHR viewer, and do you have an active login?

A reminder to Saskatchewan Physicians that all physicians licensed in Saskatchewan who prescribe and/or order medications must have active login capability with either the PIP and/or the eHR ViewerREAD MORE


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Practice Update
March 2022
Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Deputy Registrar

Physician obligation to disclose their vaccination status to patients

This expectation is in force until the State of Emergency has been lifted, which by the time of publishing this article, still applies.  READ MORE

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Physicians among Professional Persons Designated in The Victims of Interpersonal Violence Act

Tramadol Schedule & Reporting Requirements Update

Survey: Accommodating Students with Reading Disabilities in K-12 Education

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 Registration Times    Senior Life Designation

2022 Renewal Summary
How did we do for the 2022 renewal?

Continuing Medical Education
If you completed your CME learning cycle on December 31, 2021 for RCPSC or June 31, 2022 for CFPC, you will be required to upload your Completion Certificates in order to be able to renew your licence this fall. 

Interested in building Supervision Experience?
We are always looking for and in need of physicians who would be willing to act as a practice supervisor.

Update on the LMCC Service
MCC is ready to process LMCC requests for candidates who meet the established criteria.

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The Council and the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan respectfully acknowledge
that the land on which we live and work is Treaty 6 Territory, the traditional territory & home of the Cree, Dakota, Saulteaux and Métis Nations. 
We would like to affirm our relationship with one another now and for the future,
and our role in guiding the profession to achieve the highest standards of care to benefit all people in this territory equally.

DocTalk Volume 9, Issue 1

 2022- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan


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