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 From the President & Registrar  

March 2023
By: Dr. Alan Beggs, Council President
  Changes Coming for 2023

As the Council sets out on another year of work, we are facing an interesting year both locally and nationally with regards to the arrival of a new Registrar, as well as the current topics of National Licensure and Regulatory Independence.



March 2023

By: Dr. Karen Shaw, CPSS Registrar and CEO
The Physician Shortage and Routes to Practising in Saskatchewan

At a time of crisis in the healthcare system it is easy to criticize – it is not as easy to find the correct solutions for this complex problem. 
The College is acutely aware of the shortage of physicians in our Saskatchewan healthcare system and has been and continues to be flexible in its approach to licensure.


Legally Speaking

March 2023
By Bryan Salte, CPSS Senior Legal Counsel

Expectations for Advertising by Physicians - New Bylaw 

The CPSS expects that all physicians who advertise their practices are aware of, and comply with, the advertising bylaw which came into effect in December 2022.  READ MORE

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    Personal Health Information and the Fax Machine:  Risky Business?

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Addressing Quality of Care
March 2023
By Dr. Carmel Overli-Domes, Senior Medical Advisor, CPSS

A Chat about Billing 

Physicians are ultimately responsible and accountable for their billing. In this article, Dr. Overli-Domes provides tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of improper billing. READ MORE

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    Common Complaints and Prevention
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Practice Update
March 2023
Source:  Sheila Torrance, Legal Counsel, CPSS

Medical Practice Coverage Compliance Monitoring 

As reported in the November 2022 issue of DocTalk, last fall the CPSS Council directed the Registrar’s office to create and embark on a process to collect data on physician compliance with the expectations of the Medical Practice Coverage policy.  We anticipate this process will start in March 2023.


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  Physician Reputation and Public Confidence
  Stay Smart With Needle Sharps
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 Registration Times    Senior Life Designation


Are you a resident completing training this year? 
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Planning to Moonlight During Residency?
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Taking a Leave from your Supervised Practice?
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Licensure in Saskatchewan: A Primer
A dive into understanding licensure in Saskatchewan - #1 of a 4-part series.

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The Council and the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan respectfully acknowledge
that the land on which we live and work is Treaty 6 Territory, the traditional territory & home of the Cree, Dakota, Saulteaux and Métis Nations. 
We would like to affirm our relationship with one another now and for the future,
and our role in guiding the profession to achieve the highest standards of care to benefit all people in this territory equally.

DocTalk Volume 10, Issue 1

 2023- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan


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Caro Gareau
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