College Disciplinary Actions

The College reports discipline matters in the next issue of the Newsletter after the disciplinary action is complete.  The College website also contains information on discipline matters that are completed and matters where charges have been laid but have not yet been completed.

There were three discipline matters completed since the last Newsletter report.


Dr. Thomas Coneys

Dr. Coneys admitted unprofessional conduct in relation to a criminal conviction for uttering threats against his domestic partner.  The penalty order included a written reprimand and a requirement that he sign an undertaking.

Dr. Wasim Sheikh

Dr. Sheikh admitted unprofessional conduct in relation to charging two patients excessive amounts for surgical procedures, failing to report and explain to a patient information in pathologists’ reports, offering to perform a procedure he had not been approved to perform, failing to maintain appropriate records, and failing to deal appropriately with biopsy specimens.  The penalty order included a written reprimand, a one-month suspension, the requirement to complete courses in ethics and medical record-keeping, and payment of costs in the amount of $28,947.79.

Dr. Tshala Tshiyombo

Dr. Tshiyombo was found guilty of six charges of unprofessional conduct by the Discipline Hearing Committee, as follows: 1) she failed to make appropriate arrangements prior to closing her clinic, including providing appropriate notice to her patients and arranging for access to patient records; 2) she provided false or misleading information to the College in relation to the pending closure of her clinic; 3) she failed to cooperate with an investigation by a preliminary inquiry committee; 4) she engaged in a pattern of rude, disrespectful and abusive communication with staff members and patients; 5) she directed staff not to conduct certain testing, to falsify records, and to conduct tasks that they were not qualified to perform; and 6) she forged or falsified a letter submitted to Employment Standards in response to a complaint by a former employee.  The Council’s penalty order included a reprimand, the revocation of Dr. Tshiyombo’s licence, and a direction that she pay the costs of the investigation and hearing.