College Disciplinary Actions

The College reports discipline matters in the next issue of the Newsletter after the disciplinary action is complete.  The College website also contains information on discipline matters that are completed and matters where charges have been laid but have not yet been completed.

There were four discipline matters completed since the last Newsletter report.

Dr.  Ashis Paul

Dr. Paul admitted unprofessional conduct in relation to failing to follow the Saskatchewan Standards and Guidelines on methadone, inadequate medical records, failing to meet the standard of practice of the profession with respect to carried doses of methadone, being in a conflict of interest at the Parliament Methadone clinic, and inappropriately billing for urine drug screens.  The penalty order included a written reprimand, an ethics course, a medical record-keeping course, and payment of costs in the amount of $19,600.88.

Dr.  Mosenza Kiapway

Dr. Kiapway was charged with two charges of unprofessional conduct. The first charge alleged a failure to exercise due diligence to ensure appropriate follow-up on the pathology report arising from a skin biopsy performed on a patient. The second charge alleged a failure to maintain appropriate medical records relating to the same patient.  The charges were resolved through Dr. Kiapway entering into an undertaking with the College which included providing an apology to the patient, completing medical record-keeping and communications courses, cooperating with a chart audit to review his patient charts and paying the costs of the investigation.  If Dr. Kiapway completes the requirements in the undertaking, the College will not prosecute the 2 charges.

Dr.  Carlo Stuglin

Dr. Stuglin was charged with unprofessional conduct.  The charge alleged a failure to respond to third party requests in a timely manner.  The matter was resolved through post-charge alternative dispute resolution when Dr. Stuglin agreed to regularly report his audit tracking and internal log to the Registrar. 

Dr.  Petrus Groenewald

Dr. Groenewald was charged with unprofessional conduct.  The charge alleged that he pled guilty for driving while impaired.  The matter was resolved through post-charge alternative dispute resolution.  Dr. Groenewald signed an undertaking that requires him to take specific actions, including participating with the Physician Health Program of the Saskatchewan Medical Association.