DocTalk 2022 - Volume 9 Issue 1

Bylaw & Policy Updates


Discipline Report


 March 2022
By Sheila Torrance, Legal Counsel, CPSS
  Responsibility for a Medical Practice

The recently approved new policy “Responsibility for a Medical Practice”, confirms that physicians are accountable for their own medical practice, including the patient care provided and billing for insured services.  In addition, it establishes expectations for physicians in multi-physician clinics.  READ MORE



March 2022
By Bryan Salte, Senior Legal Counsel and Associate Registrar, CPSS
  End of Life Care

At its January 2022 meeting, the Council approved a new guideline on end of life care. Providing appropriate care in end of life situations can be a very significant challenge for physicians.  The new guideline, among other, assists physicians when they are deciding whether to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment on the basis that the treatment is futile.   READ MORE



March 2022
By Sheila Torrance, Legal Counsel, CPSS
  Medical Practice Coverage Policy FAQs

The Medical Practice Coverage policy has now been in force for nearly one year.  At its upcoming March 2022 meeting, the College Council will consider whether or not to institute any form of proactive enforcement to ensure physicians/clinics have implemented the expectations in the policy. What do physicians need to do to be compliant?  READ MORE


The Council would like to hear from you! 

The Council of the College has approved in principle changes to the Guideline on Patient Physician Relationships.  The Council has split the existing guideline into two policies and one guideline as follows: “Guideline – Establishing the Patient Physician Relationship”, “Policy – Ending the Patient Physician Relationship” & “Policy – Physicians Surgeons Leaving Practice.”

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