DOCTALK 2021 - Volume 8 Issue 1
 February 2021

By Brenda Senger, Physician Health Program Director, Saskatchewan Medical Association

Grief & Hope

As we look back over 2020, the pandemic resulted in us having to grieve many things:

  • Loss of control
  • Loss of feeling safe at work and in the world
  • Loss of the ability to touch/comfort our patients without wearing PPE
  • The ability to have meals with our colleagues at the same table
  • The loss of loved ones, colleagues and patients to COVID
  • The ability to explore the world
  • Loss of celebrations with family and friends
  • The fact that disease can still outsmart medicine (for a while)

But 2021 offers us HOPE!  The hope to:

  • Hug someone without fear of contamination
  • Receive way fewer emails
  • Talk about something other than COVID 19
  • Get vaccinated
  • No longer have to get undressed, wash my hands and change my clothes before I can hug my kids after work
  • Watch a movie on the big screen not Netflix
  • Travel again
  • Recognize all the skills and gifts I brought to dealing with the pandemic
  • Have the ability to adapt to our new reality

It is not the smartest or strongest who survive – it is those who can adapt.

  Stress is inevitable. Struggling is optional.

If you are a physician struggling with mental health concerns, please know there is a safe, confidential place for you to contact.

Call the Physician Health Program at the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

Brenda Senger
  Jessica Richardson
Clinical Coordinator (Regina/South)