DOCTALK 2021 - Volume 8 Issue 2
 May 2021

Source: Brenda Senger, Physician Health Program Director, Saskatchewan Medical Association

Need a little "pick-me-up"?  Try these!

The CMA has developed two excellent wellness resources:

  • A Physician Wellness Hub  is an online resource to provide access to fully vetted and reliable wellness tools and resources to empower physicians, medical learners, leaders and educators. 
  • The Wellness Connection provides “virtual, safe space for physicians and medical learners to gather and discuss shared experiences, get support, seek advice and help each other”.


The New York Times published a mental health article that is also a good read:


  Stress is inevitable. Struggling is optional.

If you are a physician struggling with mental health concerns, please know there is a safe, confidential place for you to contact.

Call the Physician Health Program at the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

Brenda Senger
  Jessica Richardson
Clinical Coordinator (Regina/South)