DocTalk 2021 - Volume 8 Issue 1

February 2021
By Dr. Saqib Shahab, Chief Medical Health Officer, Province of Saskatchewan
  How to Support Your Patients: COVID-19 Update from Saskatchewan's Chief Medical Health Officer

As we approach the one year mark for COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, more people are expressing COVID-19 exhaustion. Whether this is following Public Health Orders, remembering to wear a mask or frustrations about life not going back to normal, it can be hard to remain vigilant. This is why it continues to be important for physicians to champion vaccination. HOW CAN I HELP?    



February 2021
By Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Deputy Registrar, CPSS 
  CPSS Position on Off-Label Ketamine Prescribing

Re: Ketamine/Esketamine administered in any form IV/Oral/Sublingual/Intranasal as treatment for mental health and chronic non-cancer pain diagnoses. 

The CPSS has received questions regarding the prescribing and administration of Ketamine to patients with treatment-refractory depression and as a treatment modality for chronic non-cancer pain.  FIND OUT MORE   



February 2021
Information courtesy of LINK
  LINK Telephone Consultations - New Services Available 

Saskatchewan primary care providers can call LINK to consult with a specialist regarding complex but non-urgent patient care.  New specialties included!  FIND OUT MORE