DocTalk 2022 - Volume 9 Issue 3


Novemer 2022
Source:  Mr. Willie Ermine, M. Ed, Assistant Professor, First Nations University.
A member of the Sturgeon Lake First Nation in the north-central part of Saskatchewan, Mr. Ermine has worked extensively with Elders, promotes ethical practices of research involving Indigenous Peoples and is particularly interested in the conceptual development of the ‘ethical space’–a theoretical space between cultures and worldviews.
  Indigenous-Western Healing – Possibilities for positive change in the health care landscape for Aboriginal people

The Calls to Action by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2015) present intriguing possibilities for positive change in the healthcare landscape for Aboriginal people. The possibility presented is that Indigenous and Western knowledge systems can co-exist and harmonize treatment resources, and that this pluralism expands opportunities for effective mediation of sickness and disease and related traumas. This idea also offers an opportunity for the exchange of critical knowledge that can lead to opportunities of innovation, informed policy, and to advocate for greater recognition for the role of traditional medicines 



November 2022
Source: Provincial Medication Reconciliation Steering Committee (MedRec) 
  Cancer Centre Medications Appearing on PIP

Medications dispensed from the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) on or after August 29, 2022 will start appearing on the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) and downstream applications such as MySask Health Record and eHealth eHR Viewer.

This addition will improve patient care by providing a more complete patient medication profile on which to base treatment decisions.

Healthcare providers with medication management and reconciliation responsibilities can review a short video and update resource about SCA medication integration in PIP on the Medication Reconciliation intranet page.

SHA Update Notification: Cancer Medications Appearing on PIP



November 2022
Source: Nicole Bootsman, Pharmacist Manager, Prescription Review Program
  Education to Physicians about Scripts

The recent amendment to bylaw 18.1 permits part-fills for some PRP medications (baclofen, chloral hydrate, gabapentin, oxybutynin, pregabalin, lemborexant and zopiclone) without the federal written requirements of opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants and anabolic steroids.

See the examples linked below illustrating the amendment, whereby the total quantity, amount to be dispensed each time, and time interval between fills relating to part-fills are no longer required for baclofen, chloral hydrate, gabapentin, oxybutynin, pregabalin, lemborexant and zopiclone.

Sample scripts PDF



November 2022
Source: Joanna Alexander
  The College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CNRS) has moved!

The CRNS (formerly the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, SRNA) has moved to new spaces! 
As of September 20, 2022, the new address is:

1-3710 Eastgate Drive, Regina, SK S4Z 1A5

The following numbers remain the same:

Phone: 306-359-4200
Toll free 1-800-667-9945
Fax number: 306-359-0257
Email address:



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