DocTalk 2023 - Volume 10 Issue 1


March 2023

Source:  Sheila Torrance, Legal Counsel, CPSS

  UPDATE! Planning for CPSS data collection/compliance monitoring process related to the Medical Practice Coverage policy  

As reported in the November 2022 issue of DocTalk, last fall the CPSS Council directed the Registrar’s office to create and embark on a process to collect data on physician compliance with the expectations of the Medical Practice Coverage policy.  We anticipate this process will start in March 2023.  




March 2023
Source:  Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi, Past President & Physician Member of the Council of the CPSS
  Physician Reputation and Public Confidence in the Profession

One goal of professional regulation is to ensure public confidence in the profession. Physicians serve the public and ensuring public confidence is vital to patient safety and satisfaction. Just imagine if the public doubted our ability to deliver safe and effective health care; this would hinder their ability to access and utilize health care resources that are meant to be at their disposition.




March 2023

Source:  Nicole Bootsman, Pharmacist Manager, Prescription Review Program, CPSS

  Stay Smart with Sharps: Improving Needle Return Rates and Reducing Needle Litter in Saskatchewan

Whether you are prescribing injectable therapies or encouraging your patients to access needle exchange programs as a harm reduction approach, please consider discussing safe needle disposal. Remind patients not to throw sharps in the garbage/recycle bin, not to flush sharps down toilets and not to throw sharps in bushes, parks or streets. Know the needle disposal sites in your area (e.g. pharmacies, needle drop boxes, needle exchange programs, clinics, etc.) and consider offering to write prescriptions for sharps containers as some programs (e.g. NIHB) will cover the cost of containers. Thank you for encouraging your patients to stay smart with sharps!         



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