Message from the President of Council

October 2021
By: Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi, CPSS Council President

Securing the Future of Medical Practice - A Call to Challenge Resident/Student Learners

The future of medical practice is in the hands of our resident and student learners. That future starts now, and whatever it will be will depend mainly on the attitude, skills, innovation, and resilience of today’s residents, students, and physicians undergoing assessment for licensure in Saskatchewan.  They are the ones who must use this opportunity and rare privilege of learning appropriately to ensure and secure a bright future for the profession of medicine. Future medical practitioners must provide the best quality care, and maintain high ethical standards, professionalism, and leadership. The future physician must also demonstrate leadership in the health care sector and work collaboratively with other healthcare providers.

Part of the role of the CPSS as a regulatory body is to impart to learners the understanding that our profession is built on very high ethical standards. Failure to maintain a high standard of professionalism will jeopardize our professional honour and integrity.  As physicians and physicians-in-training, we must uphold the ethics of the profession in all our interactions. Students must also uphold the value of humility, respect, truthfulness, confidentiality, autonomy, and care. Hard work takes one to a greater height of success, but character helps one to remain there.

Innovation is essential for the advancement of healthcare and our profession’s ability to meet the future needs of patients. Think outside the box, be creative and develop improvement to the status quo. For there to be improvement, change must occur. Learners in our field are challenged to explore their creative potential and develop advancements in artificial intelligence in medicine, immunology, and vaccine production, curing of cancers, robotic surgery and rehabilitation medicine. Discoveries in these fields could be used to improve our current quality of care and provide solutions to some problems that are currently impossible to resolve. In our role as physician leaders, we believe in student learners and residents and their capability to achieve excellent results.  Publishing research findings is also essential to share the knowledge with others. We encourage our learners to be involved in research and publish their findings in academic journals.


Student learners who develop sound financial decision-making prowess and understand accountability are better equipped to lead the future. As future medical organisation leaders, medical practice managers, even future members of the CPSS Council, they must know how to manage the resources committed into their hands and be good stewards of these resources.  Learn today to make prudent financial decisions, manage resources well, and not waste financial resources. Set the stage now for a sound financial future through wise use of loans, taking advantage of sound financial advice and living within your means.


“Study hard, aim high, think outside the box,
challenge the status quo, and do not give up.”

To the residents, students and other learners licensed by the CPSS:  study hard to pass the requisite examinations as this is essential to secure your future. Working together as a team of students, reviewing the topics through discussion groups will help secure success in the exams. There are lots of resources within the library and online that will help you prepare for those exams. Students should take advantage of the numerous learning opportunities available, prepare well, and they will surely succeed.

Residents and student learners must not give up in the face of failure; however, instead utilize the lessons learned at the failure to improve the chance of success in the future. We have all experienced this at some time in our studies. Those who have failed any examination should not ever be discouraged because “Failure is not final, and success is never-ending" (Robert Schuller).

Alcohol use disorder and other mental health conditions are disabling factors that could impede learning abilities and prevent progress. The College of Medicine and the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) have systems in place to support student learners. They should utilize the support systems provided by the institution and overcome these stressors. We work closely with the Saskatchewan Physician Health Program (PHP) to support and help with any addiction, substance use disorder or mental or physical health conditions that might be impairing your ability to be successful at your studies. The Saskatchewan Physician Health Program is a confidential service to support students, residents, practising physicians and their families and to help them through their difficulties. Please do not suffer alone. Be compassionate, kind and supportive of each other, and encourage those who are struggling with any form of stress or health issues to seek help.  I encourage you to read Brenda Senger’s column on Physician Health in each issue of DocTalk to learn about the latest support offered.

Our students, residents and other learners in medicine are our future. They are future Chief Executive Officers of our health care systems, future Ministers of Health or Chief Medical Officers, future physician leaders and great health care improvement agents. So go and achieve excellence for the next generation and aim higher than the sky because the sky is not the limit.

And to all practising physicians licensed with the CPSS, we encourage you to become mentors and assessors and to provide what support you can to our new generation of trainees in their journey to become your colleagues.



    Dr. Olawale Franklin Igbekoyi is President (2021) of the Council of the College of Physicians  and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and a Family Physician practicing in Rosetown.