Registration Times
 February 2021
By: Debra-Jane Wright, Director, Registration Services

And That’s a Wrap: A close to our 2021 Annual Licence and Permit Renewal Season

Thank you for completing your 2021 renewal. Yes, we ask for a lot of details, but completing the annual renewal ensures we have information we need to support you in practice. It also provides us with your updated contact details so we can share with you the news that impacts your practice and patient care.

We also want to thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding as we progressed through our 2020 Renewal Process.  In response to member feedback, the College underwent a complete revamp of the Renewal Platform and Payment process, with hopes of improving your experience and reducing the renewal burden for you.  Unfortunately, we hit some unanticipated technical challenges with the newly deployed platform and payment cart.  Thank you for working with us, as our team worked diligently with you and our IT Vendor, to resolve problems and ensure you were successfully licensed.

A closer look at 2021 renewal feedback

This year, approximately 900 physicians took the time to complete the brief feedback survey at the end of the Licensure and Corporate Permit Renewal process. We thank you for completing the survey and providing us with important feedback that will help us to drive continued improvements. We also recognize that there was variation in renewal experiences across our membership community, with some having a seamless experience and others not. Below is a brief look at what we heard through our survey respondents:

Physician Licensure Renewal

  • 83% reported being ‘Very Satisfied/Satisfied’ with this year’s renewal experience
  • 83% reported that the new platform was ‘Very Easy/Easy’ to use.
  • 91% reported completing their renewal process in ‘30minutes or less’.

Corporate Permit Renewal

  • 78% reported being ‘Very Satisfied/Satisfied’ with this year’s renewal experience
  • 74% reported that the new platform was ‘Very Easy/Easy’ to use.
  • 87% reported completing their renewal process in ‘30minutes or less’.

Many physicians across both the Licensure and Corporate renewal systems shared comments and frustrations that have been themed below. We are committed to use your feedback to help inform future efforts to improve the Platform.

Themes of recommendations for improvement:

  • Earlier and more frequent renewal reminders
  • Streamline questions to reduce redundancy and language complexity
  • Improve Web Browser capability
  • Explore ways to make it more user-friendly: larger Renewal Button, definitions for legal terms, look at username and password options.

Email the Director of Registration Services, Debra Wright, at

Debra-Jane Wright is the Director of Registration Services
at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. 

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