Registration Times
 February 2021
By: Debra-Jane Wright, Registration Director

Interested in building your Supervision Experience?

We are always looking for and in need of Physicians who would be willing to act as a practice supervisor. 

Serving as a Supervisor helps to build our provincial capacity to provide high quality health care services to our patients.   If you have been practising with a regular licence for a period of three years or more, you may meet our requirements to serve as a supervisor.

Who would you supervise?  New graduates who have not yet achieved all their examinations or International Medical Graduates who have completed the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) Program and are not able to practise medicine independently unless a practice supervisor is willing and able to accept this responsibility.  Your supervision can help support these physicians in continuing to provide clinical support to care, while they prepare to write their examinations or to successfully complete a Summative Assessment, that would deem them able to independently practise.  Serving as a supervisor for the College does not require direct observation and oversight, but rather is done so at arms length.

Practice supervision involves:

  • Reviewing patient charts on a periodic and pre-determined basis, and typically through an EMR;
  • Speaking with the physician being supervised to offer feedback, mentorship and encouragement to continue developing any notable areas of practice;
  • Submitting reports on time, based on the Chart Reviews to the College.

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