Registration Times
October 2021
By: Debra-Jane Wright, Registration Director

What's the Scoop on Supervision?

What does supervision involve?
Once on a Provisional Licence (with Restrictions) you will practise independently and be responsible for making independent clinical decisions. However, being on a provisional licence requires that you are assigned a College-approved supervisor, for the purposes of supporting you in practice. You will remain on your provisional licence and under supervision until you achieve your Canadian credentials.

Your supervisor will not provide onsite supervision but will be responsible for conducting periodic chart audits for the duration of your required supervised practice period. Your supervisor typically reviews 5-10 charts per practice review period that should represent a cross-section of medical conditions.  Your supervisor may also provide feedback and make recommendations to aid you in further enhancing your practice. Lastly, your supervisor is required to prepare a summary report following each review of your chart reviews and to submit it to CPSS for review by our Senior Medical Advisors and the Deputy Registrar.

Who pays for supervision?
The physician who is being supervised is responsible for payment. Payment to the supervisor will be coordinated through CPSS. Payment will be required prior to the issuance of your provisional licence and payment will not be processed until you have been actively engaged in practice for a minimum of two months.

  • For supervised practice of up to three months, the cost is anticipated on an hourly basis at $150/per hour.
  • For practice of more than three months, cost is paid on an hourly basis and the total cost is not expected to exceed $2,100 for the first year, with exception to travel and for accommodation requirements.

What if I want to move during my supervisory period?
If you move during your supervision period or prior to achieving regular licensure, you may be forced to restart the supervision process.

As per the CPSS bylaws, and if the supervisor is unwilling or unable to continue supervision at a new location/jurisdiction, your licence will be suspended until a new supervisor is found.  Securing a new supervisor in a new location would necessitate the supervision schedule to restart at Year 1.

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